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GLSEN Collier County Youth Pride Conference. Four fists claiming gay pride rights with gay pride bracelet. LGBT and equal rights concept

While LGBTQ students are under attack by our state government officials and in our local communities, we need you to be a sponsor more than ever.

Politicians are using transgender and gender nonconforming youth as pawns in their grasp for power, and their often divisive and misleading rhetoric further marginalizes our queer youth opening them up to increases in bullying and harassment.

It is through events like the Youth Pride Conference that we are able to educate, inform, and empower our students to be proud of who they are and fight for one another.

Attendees last year used words like “liberating” and “empowering” to describe the event while others indicated they felt more free and open to be themselves than ever before - even if it was just for one day.

GLSEN Collier County provides this event free to all students in grades 6-12, and we need support from people like you and from LGBTQ-affirming businesses in our community. Will you take a moment to consider being a sponsor?

Sponsorship Levels

Ally ($250)

  • Table at YPC 2023 on March 25
  • Logo in YPC program guide and on website
  • Youth Pride Conference 2023 T-shirt (x1)

Proud ($500)

  • Everything above, plus...
  • Link to your webpage on YPC website
  • Shoutout on GLSEN Collier social media (x1)
  • Youth Pride Conference  2023 T-shirt (x2)

Rainbow ($1,000)

  • Everything above, plus...
  • Special recognition at YPC 2023
  • Shoutouts on GLSEN Collier social media (x3)
  • Youth Pride Conference 2023 T-shirt (x4)

Partnering ($5,000)

  • Everything above, plus...
  • Full-page ad in YPC 2023 Program Guide
  • Logo on all YPC 2023 T-shirts, flyers, and marketing materials
  • 3' x 6' banner at YPC 2023
  • Youth Pride Conference 2023 T-shirts for friends and family

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